Sacred Circle Dance Outaouais 

You enjoy connecting  with the natural world and meditative movement? 

I teach simple dances on Zoom, and then we gather to dance them together in nature to celebrate each festival of the wheel of the year (Solstices, Equinoxes and the four other ancient Celtic festivals (Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasa and Samhain).

It is my great joy to share this creative and embodied practice that cultivates embodied presence, fosters a sense of belonging, welcomes the rhythms and lessons of each season, that helps us explore and deepen our connection to the land we have the great fortune to live with.  

What is Sacred Circle Dance? 

Sacred Circle Dance is a contemporary and embodied spiritual practice with ancient roots.

This embodied dance practice was born and incubated in the intentional community of Findhorn in Scotland in the 1970’s and has since spread to countries all over the world. The music and the dances are a mix of traditional and contemporary to help us explore how something ancient like dancing in a circle can have resonance and serve today.

Today, in the hurried and tumultuous times we are living, there can be a longing for spaciousness, alignment, and deep connection. Sacred Circle Dance can give us a taste inner calm and of being part of the great creative forces and the web of existence. In a circle – a form that evokes unity and wholeness – all are equal, all are one.

Sacred Circle Dance is one of the ways I have found to explore my connection to my own indigenous roots and ancestry. I am aware how tricky this is because my ancestors, culture and traditions come from another continent. I took my first step into the world of Sacred Circle Dancing in Ottawa in 2001.   With encouragement from my teacher, June Watts, I developed my own approach and have been facilitating Sacred Circle Dance since 2012 to build relationship with the land using the eight sacred festivals of the year as anchor points.

Contact me if you are interested or have questions.

“I felt so good during the gathering in Aylmer.  The word that came to me, but that I didn’t share at the time, is “coherence”.  It is a very good feeling.  I want to pursue this path.”  Marie-Michèle




“Thank you, Jen for coming and teaching us all a new way of dancing and appreciating ourselves and nature! I had a great time dancing and helping to create the circle of dances!” Kathy




“The dance allows me a way to be with and explore many things I can’t understand or change.” Roblyn

“Thank you for sharing your poem, and for leading the Samhain dance.  I am very glad to have happened upon your circle making. There is something deeply nourishing about repeating steps, directions together.” Sylvia

“Your ability to share your heart’s wisdom, life experience, vulnerability, authenticity – in essence your PRESENCE is so very grounding as well as providing a sense of reaching to the stars. ” Catherine


Winter Solstice – Surrender to the Dark and Birth the Light”

  Imbolc – Ignite our Neart (Heart courage) for change”

Spring Equinox – “Dance into Balance and the Uprising Energies of Spring”

 Beltane – “Dance for our Highest Strivings”

Summer Solstice “Feast on Sun and Sea”

Lammas –“Being with What Is


Fall Equinox – Sink with the Sun into Fall

Samhain – “Connecting to the Bones of the Ancestors”