It is my very great pleasure to support and collaborate with people who want to honour, find meaning and celebrate both joyful and tender moments and life passages with ceremony.

As a resident of Gatineau, Quebec (sector Aylmer), I offer my services in Gatineau, Ottawa, the Outaouais region and other destinations upon request, as a Life-Cycle Celebrant® certified with the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, and as an ordained contemporary spiritual minister who meet the requirements for legally officiating marriages in the province of Quebec.

I strive to co-create and officiate ceremonies that use words, gestures, music and symbols that resonate with you and your loved ones. I work respectfully, with an open heart and listen as you explore and share what this moment in your life means to you.

Together we create a ceremony of your own design that honours your worldview, beliefs, culture and traditions.  A spiritual, non-religious, secular, inter-faith or multi-cultural ceremony with relevance and resonance today, and that acknowledges, marks and celebrates this important moment in your life. 


My fees cover my time to research, write, rehearse and officiate the ceremony as well as travel, and of course to collaborate with you to make it tailored to fit you and your loved ones.

I charge a flat fee rather than charge by the hour.  My Celebrant fees are in the range of $400.00 – $800.00 depending on aspects such as length, complexity, uni or bilingual, number of participants and travel distance.  In general, it takes me a minimum of 20 hours and often much more to co-create and officiate a ceremony. 

Since all of my services are tailored specifically to your significant life milestone, I will quote you my fee once we speak on the phone, online or in person in a no obligation consultation, and I learn more about your specific event and what you want and envision.

Perhaps you are looking for coaching and support and want to create and officiate the ceremony yourself or have a family member officiate? We can discuss a fair fee for this type of consultation.

Contact me now.